Hawking and Islamic TV

In discussions with evolutionists and other worshippers of science, you will sooner or later have to make some type of philosophical argument. Perhaps about the nature of truth or being, or the meaning of life or whatever. And you will have to respond to philosophical arguments and assertions, such as, ‘you can’t prove anything’, ‘people are apes’, and so on. If, however, you defend your views with philosophical propositions and arguments, you will sometimes meet the astonishing retort: “philosophy is rubbish.” Be prepared for an ignorant lecture about the value of human thought throughout the ages…

Philosophy? Hahaha. Hey how many angels
can dance on the head of a pin? Fee-Lo-so-Fee.
Hahaha. That’s just gobbledygook isn’t it? Epistemology? Is that like
magic? Metaphysics? That’s a kind of astrology or alchemy, right? Isn’t
that like witchcraft or something? Hahaha, you believe in that crap?
Tell me, how many diseases has philosophy ever cured? Did
metaphysics send probes into outer space? Did epistemologists
discover antibiotics? Hahah, philosophy! Plato? Aristotle? It’s just
nonsense and worthless talk. It is better to study Darwin’s book
Origin and Science, boy.

To further the Darwinian cause, it’s important to ridicule and to de-legitimize philosophy as an intellectual force this way, because you don’t want people applying critical thinking to the toughest questions of life — such as questions about meaning, purpose, consciousness and causality. Darwinism in particular demands a rejection of classical western philosophy. It’s better to mindlessly accept the Darwinian explanation of things without thinking too hard about it. And if we do accept the Darwinian explanation of things, our brains, being merely rearranged monkey-brains, have no business mulling over metaphysics. For, as Darwin said, who would bother to “trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?” Philosophy is, at best, worthless banter and the idle speculations of the re-arranged minds of monkeys.

Philosophy is useless. That’s what a growing number of scientism cult members say. Steven Weinberg, for example, thinks that philosophy is mostly useless. Stephen Hawking goes a bit farther. He says that “philosophy is dead”. Imagine that, 2500 years of human thought is casually written off as worthless, not to mention “dead”, by these people.

Do you know who else sweepingly writes off philosophy this way? The clerics at Al-Rahma Islamic TV. No surprise there, because as far back as in the 12th century, Islamic thinkers came to the conclusion that western philosophy was useless — just as Weinberg and Hawking and countless other devotees of scientism have presently concluded, nine centuries later. And we see how well this turned out for Islamic civilization. We should emulate them. Follow in their footsteps, no? They are 9 centuries ahead of us on the road prescribed by the adepts of scientism.

Al-Rahma Islamic TV: Philosophy Is a Worthless Science!

About the question asking about the ruling of studying philosophy.
I say that if you are not obliged to study philosophy, then don’t
study it. Philosophy is just a nonsense worthless talk and there is
no value for such “philosophy.” There is no value for such philosophy,
and there is no value for all these sciences. It is better to study Allah’s
book (Quran), and the Sunna of your prophet Mohammed (Peace be
Upon Him.)


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