Welcome to a vast world of bad science that you probably didn’t suspect existed. Painfully bad. We are going to examine the evolutionists of earlier generations, the books they wrote, and the kind of science they did. A preliminary summary of results is presented in the Euvolution page. It should convince you that most of the great evolution scientists of the olden and not so olden days, and much of Darwin’s family, were dangerous sociopaths,  scientific frauds, totalitarians, evil conmen, or simply mad scientists misleading the public. I hope you enjoy reading it, but try not to throw up as your preconceptions of the integrity of evolutionary biologists are forever shattered. Much more material is coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Very interesting, esp. the analysis of how evolutionists argue their position.
    But in point of fact, current evolutionary theory at least does not assert that modern humans evolved from any species of apes that currently exist.
    What it does say is that at one time, long ago, there existed a species of ape-LIKE creatures, ie. closely related to the ancestors of modern apes, but genetically distinct. (My Note: there is no paleological evidence for this proto-human species, but it MUST exist in order to explain how humans evolved from apes.)
    And of course the story continues as we have heard it from Leaky, et al. Namely, that these ‘genetically improved’ apes continued to evolve until they arrived at a point where it would be more accurate to describe them as human beings, albeit primitive types, of which many species have supposedly been discovered.

    I say all this not because I accept the Darwinian narrative (nor the neo-Darwinian), but because for you to imply on your website that modern evolutionists simply assert “apes evolved into humans” makes you look foolish and unacquainted with the facts about what evolutionists say and do not say.
    A mistake such as the above can and will repulse most people who are even modestly acquainted with the controversies and problems involved in the debate over evolution.

    Otherwise, I wait for you to finish building your new, bigger page. I was most fascinated to read the extremely tight social and familial connections between early Darwinists and early geneticist — to the point where it is scarcely worth distinguishing between the two movements. Two heads of the same monster one might say.

    Good day to you and
    may God bless you —

    Heir of Pythagoras

  2. This is fabulous information to have when I teach the unit (US History) on progressives/social Darwinists/Fabian Socialists which makes Sanger et al look like heroes. May I have your permission to introduce my students to your site?


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